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The wise course of action would be to ignore this thread altogether, but so long as I ignore others... so I won't directly quote or make reference to anyone from now on.

My greatest reason for disliking this MMO is because it is NOT the expected conclusion that was implied at the end of TSL. It is placed 300 years into the future... long after all everything established in the first two are left in limbo indefinitely. 300 years is not a significant enough time that they could leave the possibility open for a true KOTOR III.

Before this was introduced, the cliffhanger of TSL was at least open to the imagination. Now even the imagination has been killed off because this MUST explain where Revan and the Exile left off. The thing that I despise is that Lucasarts used only enough of KOTOR content to call this the conclusion if it succeeds. If it fails, they could say it's completely independent of the original two and it would not ruin that franchise any more than the ending to TSL being incomplete.

This is all speculation, but no sources, no facts, and anyone could chose not to believe any of this.
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