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@Burnseyy: Haha, well. I was reading your work, and realized I might try and do something of that quality. That was all I could come up with however, lol.

New thing.

- Wishing Well -

I wish that I was a wishing well,
I would catch all those caring thoughts.
As I watched a coin flip and fall,
I wondered what would happen if it was caught.

Far beyond the distant sky,
A bird sails to the stars,
with a tear of fire it falls away,
And slips on into the night.

My life is a cluttered hall of dreams,
With a wiltered rose it shines.
It shines a white light of purity,
Casting a thin streak of bitter wine.

Droughts and floods caress the moon,
Of her thoughts through his mind.
Soon the tides will be coming in,
To catch the balloons of memories.

A smile falls across their lips,
As the blood trickles away.
For pain no more, they shall feel,
When a howling wind covers all.

I wish I was a wishing well,
I would fall down into the depths.
Being able to see the silver specks,
Of all the hopes and dreams.

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