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Yar-El: Since you are inexperienced with MMOs, let me tell you about saving. There really isn't a need for it for the most part. It's hard to really "fail" at anything, since you can always try again and again until you succeed. In most MMOs, the only thing lost by a "failure" is time, and possibly a little bit of experience.

There are exceptions to this, however. In Eve Online, if you die you lose your ship and everything in it. Insurance can cover some of the cost, but not even close to all of it when it comes to higher tier equipment. This isn't really a bad thing though, as it provides a natural cash sink to balance the crafter economy. The only time it truly hurts a player to die is when they buy beyond their means, so that they are too broke to replace the ship.

At any rate, TOR isn't likely to have that particular feature(though I would love to be able to collect the lightsabers of the jedi I kill), so you can rest assured that this MMO will work out just fine without a save feature.
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