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Rebellion. No contest, IMO. It's Expanded Universe. The guys who made this game were obviously SW nerds who also liked strategy and tactics. I really dug the game's interesting take on turn-based vs. real-time. It has so much detail, so many ways to accomplish things. It's certainly not perfect and could use various overhauls/reworkings, but of all of the SW "RTS" games, it takes the cake. It has a scary learning curve though, that's for sure. This game is no C&C/Starcraft/AoE clone. It's more Master of Orion meets realtime...or something. It's plain different.

FoCom was kinda a wreck and foretold the future fall of LucasArts from being able to make good games. I followed the development of that one for years, watched it turn from a top-down 2D RTS into an "exciting" fully 3D version and then watched the awful final version bomb completely. The only redeeming quality of this game is its strange soundtrack.

SWGB was just goofy. I haven't played it much because it reminded me too much of Age of Empires and I don't particularly like that series. Darth Vader running around some battlefield lightsabering folks was also too corny for me to deal with lol.

Empire at War is a combination of completely awful ground combat, interesting but extremely limited space combat, and a super simplistic strategic Rebellion-wannabe campaign. The game is only good for its multiplayer space combat, I'd say, because it is so easy to jump into (simple/effective/quick).

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