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Red face Turn of the gas in cottage

Im stuck at cottage on phatt island

some walktroughs suggest that to turn off the gas you just..turn of the gas, no details at all, when the pirate is away preparing the drink (i cant even locate any gas-equipment there) i have to assume

some other walktroughs suggest to turn of the gas? you first must win the drinking contest, and there the problem becomes to find a "bottle o' near-grog" in my inventory, i have the vanilla envelope but it can't be opened, cause its allready done in the past, and there is no grog and have never been in my inventory, its my envelope by the way..not Kates, and the other one belonged to a ape, so i dont understand the story here at all

so to be honest i act like a so called "nobb" here since i have completed the game before, then just as now i play full puzzle difficulty (is that what hardcore gamers refere to as mega monkey?)
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