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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
I would hope not with Maris. I didn't like her at all and her fighting style with those guard shoto type short lightsabers. I don't think she would sell as a character to play as if LucasArts wants to make money.

Originally Posted by Shem View Post
Darth Maul - Pre-TPM - Have him track down and kill Sidious' enemies and kill Jedi who would be witnesses. You could do so much with that and even have a similar beginning like with Starkiller on how Sidious discovered him. He could be the next secret apprentice type character. It's too bad that it is established that Sidious killed his master (Darth Plagueis) in his sleep as you could have actually seen it work out where Sidious and Maul gang up to defeat Plagueis as was set to try happen with Starkiller and Vader teaming up to dethrone Sidious. The end of the story of the game would be just before the events of TPM.
Maybe the final fight would be against Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.
As for the master ordeal, maybe Maul was plotting to overthrow his master.

Originally Posted by Shem View Post
Darth Bane - Show how he rose to be a powerful Sith Lord and how he survived the Sith purge and establish the "Rule of Two."
Yeah. We want to see more of Lehon and Revan!
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