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Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
Of course, the whole purpose is to interact, and it probably won't be very enjoyable without any interaction, but I like the concept of NPC companions (as you say, one or two to make a party), as it will give us at least some of that party dynamic from K1 and TSL, rather than making us totally reliant on the presence of other players in order to either have some story or make it less likely to be killed inside a few seconds.
See, that's the problem. Why not make it a SP game instead if they're going on that direction? It surely may be difficulty to find the right party, as probably 50% of the players you'll bump onare more interested on harming than helping you, but that's the whole main point of any MMO. And please, I would avoid getting too excited with the companions idea. If you think they can accurately - or even give us the feel - replace the characters of K1 and TSL, you might get sorely disappointed.


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