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Doing heroic stuff... your style

It has been said and said again that we as players won't be doing things unworthy of heroes. Whether this means that every quest will involve bringing down an Interdictor Sith Cruiser or killing a Republic Senator is still unknown to us, but those news have already got some people worked up. The crafters are particularly worried. Does this mean that they won't be huning their Iriaz to make a good, soft, ten slots worth furry bag? Again, a new interview has brought relief to these people. Studio Director Gordon Walton explicit said: "We are going to have crafting, which we think is a major part of MMOs. We're really hoping to implement that into the game in a way that feels right for Star Wars."

So, crafters lives have been saved. But does non-combatant classes restrict to them? No, I say, specially when we're talking Star Wars. Don't want to be a Monk Fighter, nor enlist yourself at the navy? Fine, then take other roads and make the world(s) revolve! Shouldn't there be Bunty Hunters and Smugglers filling this galaxy? Sure does, but Galaxy brought us this long ago.

And then KotOR meets TOR. What about the 'professions' or 'classes' we practically only saw there? Swoop Racer, of course, and then Pazaak Player. Something you can make a living of and still pursue your ultimate goal of galactic domination/salvation, as Revan and Exile showed us years ago.

What about it then? Will those things have their own place on TOR?


.Bioshock inspiration.

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