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Originally Posted by incrosshairs View Post
I thought of something the other day. What if in RC2 it starts out in the future, after "Return of the Jedi". In the time frame after the movie, the rebels make a grand army (but not a grand army of the republic). Their army decides to get some tatics from the clones, as they research about getting tatics they find out about Delta and Omega squad. They find out about their missions (that are not wrote about or games made about) that they did. As they find out about each mission, you go back in time to play them. It's kinda like how they make all these WWII games that are about somthing that happened in the past. A really good reason why they should start this way is so they (the game makers) can just start from scratch. That way no one can complain about how it did not follow along the story line of RC1.
a little too complex dontcha think? besides, it wouldnt be exactly republic commando.

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