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I'm having severe problems with both frame buffer effects and fps around smoke/steam, with an ATI x1600GT.
AMD 64 3200+ MMX 3DNow
1.5G DDR1 (PC3200)
Radeon x1600GT/512DDR2 VRAM/Pixel3.0
Realtek AC97 audio/7.1optical support

It's not a laptop card so I'm hunting for a similar fix to the mobility mod, but does anyone else have experience sorting cards made after the x800 limitation on tsl?
Oh cat/drivers are the latest 8.1/09-2008

Have tried ATI Tray Tools with little effect. Best I can get my fps on the load screen with the smoke is 18, whilst I did manage 240-odd on the next screen that has no smoke. That's a tremendous hit for smoke effects, this game really hates Radeons.

Any ideas?

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