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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
I appreciate the answer, but if I could ask a follow-up question... I rarely leave posts alone once they are up because I prefer to act upon the feedback I receive and adjust more than just grammar if needed. If I intend to do this, then am I wasting time rewriting something before having a logical reason to make changes?

Example: If I think I didn't put enough detail into a character, I would rather get feedback on what's missing than writing something that I'm not satisfied with.

Would you recommend that I not leave myself open to revision or improvement, or is this way off what you meant? Thanks
What you do is important not for those who have already read beyond it, but for those who read afterward and your own pleasure, friend. If you wait for a reason to make changes, you can always think of reasons why you should or should not. When I wrote the Mirror of My Love, I edited it five times in three weeks, even as people read first one then another editing.

What you should not do is edit for no reason.

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