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This was a very good chapter Tysy. Your continuity and flow is well thought out. I especially like the confrontation between the two elves. Sounds like Uulrek is learning that it is not by a man's past can one be judged but by one's actions. Perhaps Haldiros would give further indication of his purpose later on?

I picked up on the fact that Haldiros said the Secundant's name tenderly. Do I sense something there or is it more of a wishful thinking? Anyway that caught my ear and I am curious as to were you plan to go with it.

The undead part was interesting. The skelton warriors rising reminded me of an old movie, probably Jason and the Argonauts, that had those. However for some reason I was thinking the undead not as zombies but as vampires. Wierd thought but I guess it is because they rise from the earth when they are created. One of my wierd thoughts. Anyway a goood example of how good intentions can be used against the person.

Good job and keep it up.

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