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Today, the story and K1 are paralleled. The bombardment of Taris!

Farming ‘equipment’
“For the LAST time, we need to get on that shuttle!”
Yan-Ze was enraged. He could see the bombardment coming his way. The main city was already in ruins. Janice was probably dead already. Everyone was. The farmer community he was part of had a different plan though. Jun Miltin, one of the richer farmers in the area, had spent all his money on a new starship shortly before the blockade. He had plans to move to Dantooine, where he could make more money.
The same Jun Miltin was now desperately trying to keep the other farmers out of his starship. Everyone rushed towards his landing pad when the reports of the bombardment came in. Jun Miltin was standing on a half-open cargo ramp, overseeing the mob that included women and children.
“This is MY starship! MY chance for a better future! You have starships of your own!” Jun cried.
“You KNOW we don’t have them! The Sith took every starship they could find when they landed here!”One of the farmers angrily responded. “And you where the only one with a hidden hangar bay and enough money to bribe them!” Another on shouted.
Yan-Ze slowly walked around the ship. Something was wrong.
He reached out and realized they were being betrayed.
“SILENCE!” He shouted.
Everyone looked at him, expectedly.
“Thank you, Yan-Ze, the people need to rea…” Miltin tried, before Yan-Ze interrupted him.
“You low-life piece of Hutt slime! You installed mirror generators on the cargo hold doors! Your droids are filling it with all your stuff as we speak! No wonder there’s no room for us!”
The mob stayed quit. The rage and murderous desperation sizzled through trough the air when all faces turned to Jun Miltin.
Miltin didn’t think a second time and grabbed a thermal detonator from a schism near the cargo ramp he was standing on.
“ONE man talks and we end this right here, right now!” His eyes opened wide and frantically searched the crowd for any unruly farmers whilst holding the thermal detonator in his right hand.
Yan-Ze reluctantly searched for the metal cylinder in his robes. When he saw the news, he grabbed his best and strongest equipment. It included a luxurious white tunic and brown pants. Luxurious boots and gloves and a very nice belt for all kinds of stuff. A real spacer outfit.

He found the cylinder. He looked at Jun Miltin. For a second, her tried to penetrate the other farmers mind. But when he realized he couldn’t save the situation without bloodshed, he proceeded to plan B.
He focused on the small object in Jun’s hand. A few seconds later, it flew towards Yan-Ze and he threw it hundreds of meters away when it reached his hand.
Jun, realizing he wasn’t holding anything, looked at his hand. He then looked into the mob. He reached for his blaster and drew it instantly.
“You traitorous son of a Hutt!” One of the farmers shouted. “You tried to murder us!”
Jun aimed for the man’s head. His eyes still sparkling with insanity:
“In the game of survival, only the strongest one wins. I will tell the galaxy about the untimely death of my comrades…and how I tried to save them. Yes, that sounds quit nice…”
He pulled the trigger.
But the blaster bolt never reached the man. A beam of yellow light was pushed in between and the bolt was deflected into the ground.

Yan-Ze held his lightsaber firmly. The whole crowd fell silent.
“You shall harm no-one, Jun Miltin.” Yan proclaimed. Jun stood there, frozen.
“You…a Jedi? Impossible…” He mumbled.
Yan looked around. The people seemed to accept the fact. He had seen and heard many negative comments on Jedi lately and was afraid to show himself. But the reaction of the crowd made him feel a bit more easy.
Miltin now aimed for Yan-Ze.
“I have the right to leave. You know this, Jedi. I respect you, but please leave now.”
Yan smiled.
“You are insane. We can easily fit inside that ship of yours. You are wealthy enough to start a life elsewhere. We aren’t. Now, let us aboard and let us all forget about this.”
Yan could feel the conflict within Jun. So corrupted, so cold. And he already knew Miltin was going to shoot him.
“Sorry, Yan-Ze.” Miltin pulled the trigger.
Yan-Ze knew that the only way to save his people was to deflect the bolt back. The bombardment was closing in.
He raised his lightsaber and the blaster bolt flew straight back into Miltin’s leg. Miltin fell down, crying in pain.
Yan telekinetically lowered the ramp.
“Everyone, wait!”
Everyone was already running for the ramp, but backed down for the command.
Yan reached out, which was difficult after all these years, and found them.
A few seconds later, all boxes with cargo flew out. He left the ones with food behind.
He was exhausted. With his last ounce of strength he said:
“Now you can enter…and take Jun to the medbay. Ullidu, you fly. Head for Dantooine.”
The Duros complied and Yan walked inside and shut down his lightsaber.
He fell down on one of the luxurious beds in the ship and slept. For a long, long time.

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