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Part 6

Mos Eisley Spaceport

Han and Luke started running as fast they could toward the cantina. Slave 1 was hot on their tails, preparing a devastating barrage of proton torpedoes.

"Going somewhere, Solo?! You think you can escape Boba Fett!" Blared Slave 1's loudspeakers.

Han stopped running and looked at the incoming ship.

"You know, you really need a better catch phrase. I mean, "Going somewhere, Solo" is completely out of style by way of phrases!"

Luke grabbed Han's arm, 'Don't do it, Han. I told you not to talk to him on Coruscant. Three words,"

Boba spoke again, "Okay, then, how's this! Bu-Bye, SOLO!"

Han turned around and started walking away,"Nah, I'm not getting the annoying feeling that comes with bad phrases."

"You sure, I'm getting one." Whispered Luke.

A missile broke out of its socket and rocketed toward Han and Luke. Han pushed Luke into a small alcove near the cantina and quickly jumped after him. The missile lost its target and began searching for another one. And seeing that Slave 1 was the only ship airbourne at the time, it reacquired a target. The missile changed direction.

"No, no! What's it doing!" Shouted Boba.

The missile collided with Boba's engines. The ship lost power and fell to the ground in a bunch of smoke. Luke and Han stood quickly and began running toward the cantina, reaching it without problem. Suddenly, the smoke filled canopy of what was Slave 1 flew into the air and Boba Fett stepped out.

"First, you throw me into a Sarlacc and now you blow up my ship,"Boba began to laugh hysterically, "You're in for it, Solo."

Boba then made a personal note in his mind, Hey! I just got a catch-phrase!

End of Part 6

Part 7 is soon to come...

you very much
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