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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Same villains, same conflict as before.

I didn't want a new era, but if that's what Lucasarts intended, why not 1000 years later? That way, they can come up with a new series completely. This MMO is meant to be the ending of KOTOR because it involves the same enemy as the KOTOR series.
Not necessarily! It is quite possible that Revan and the Exile gave their lives in order to stop the True Sith, and the True Sith were stopped. But, just like how Revan spontaneously became a sith lord, perhaps another Master of the Dark Side arose out in the Outer Rim 300 years later due to some ancient sith teachings.

There's nothing to indicate that Revan was killed and that the True Sith just waited around for 300 years before attacking the Republic. In fact, that makes even less sense to me than what I proposed off the top of my head as an alternative.


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