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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
Yeah, and it's stops there. They bear some resemblance to the Pit droids, but they're obviously not the same.
Still! George Lucas never intended the pit droids to be anything but funny. A little slapstick comedy in the middle of a dramatic Star Wars film that loses the main character, in the film.

Having droids that resemble them become fierce combat droids will completely ruin their roll in the first place.

Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
I can see sort of where you are coming from - with what appear to be stubby arms ( for a more diminutive unit) and the nose-button type thing. Maybe one of these things that's supposed to appeal to general Star Wars fans rather than exclusively KotOR fans? Like the re-hashed Galactic Empire insignia, and the stormtrooper-esque armour. I'm expecting a lot of those, unfortunately...

But as Alkonium says they aren't precisely the same - I agree they are more threatening, more battle-ready than the pit earlier variant?
I would agree with you especially after ruining George Lucas' vision for what a Mandalorian should look like. [ie, Boba Fett (Original Concept), and Jango Fett (the perfected concept)] Now a modder that goes by Olsen, reskinned the Mandalorians to once again wear the George Lucas style of armor.

And on the Galactic Empire insignia, and Stormtrooper transplants. I wonder if Lucas was kept in the loop about this one. He's a very busy man, you know. But, then again he let TFU designers cut loose with the Force in a way that he would have never allowed in the past. So, maybe he's just getting tired of these questions and just says yes to everything now.

Can we...?


We haven't even asked the question, yet.


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