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OMG this is an old thread, I hope someone actually reads this question I have, instead of me talking to thin air.

I have a couple of questions regarding this mod.

the questions are as follows:
(spoilers ahead)

when I first played KOTOR, I did it as male revan, and on the torture scene, kaul tortures bastila to get revan to give him anwsers, and when I played the game again as female revan he instead tortured carth.

so question 1 is: if I use this mod, and manage to romance bastila with a female revan, and manage to get it as far as it could get, would kaul torture bastila? or he would torture carth?


When I played KOTOR for the third time, I did it as a DarkSide male revan, and there, when I reached the top of the rakata temple, and bastila showed up, she made the offer to become revan's apprentice AND lover, on a very twisted evil and cool way.

But on my fourth playtrough as DarkSide Female Revan, when I reached the same spot, she only made the offer with her as an aprentice and nothing more.

so, question Number 2: if I use this mod with a darkside female revan, and manage to complete bastila's romance quest, by the time I reach rakata temple she makes the same offer to be revan's aprentice and lover? (on the same way she did with male revan?)


Final Question, playing as female revan makes carth's romance posible, but I'm assuming that I can't romance both carth and bastila, to get the bastila romance I must avoid all flirts with carth completely? or can I add some small tiny flirts with carth but leave incomplete his romance side-quest to complete bastila's?

thanks for reading my small comment, and pls answer my lil questions.
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