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I first saw the game On the TV when they were reviewing it saying it’s the best game they have come across for some time i am not 100% but it got me hooked so I got a copy of the demo from a pc mag
I was hooked and got a full version the following week and played it right through in a week or so I remember the old pc I played it on it took ages to install and nearly filled my hard drive right up but it was worth the wait as I was amazed at the graphics.
I remember that was the game that made all other console games look dated at the time.
I have just got the game out and reinstalled it after 5 years and i am on year 3 now and i am enjoying every second of it also it takes me back to when I first got it.
What’s amazing is the screenshots are like new games and better even after all these years it blows my mind.
I would love Lucas arts to make a grim 2 to see if they could do a prequel even better than the first for the growing number of fans
After installing the game I decided to go online to see if there was anything about the game and I found this forum i am amazed at the number of others who think the same I thought it was just me but I was wrong
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