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Dark Redemption

It is said that there are two sides to everything. Light and dark, harmony and chaos, and woman and man. To exist all sides must be balanced. That is the way of things. Balanced can lead to greatness and too much of one can be damning. When you have eternity to dwell over things, you can discover how well or how little you know the world.

Los Angeles, city of Angels, and to some the cesspool of hell. People from all walks of life come and try to live, others to survive. It is a jungle and they are the beasts. It is also a jungle for other kinds of beasts.

In a world of cell phones, laptops and technology the world underneath is largely ignored except by those who have had a taste of it. There are creatures that go bump in the night though humans prefer to largely ignore it. They ignore it and live because they have a protector.

Angela looked out at the city before her. It was peaceful just sitting there on the balcony of the observatory and looking out. She wasn't worried about security for they didn't know she was there and they wouldn't find her anyway. She just looked out taking in the night air.

Angela had come to Los Angeles some five years ago looking for a chance at a fresh start and a lead told her that her enemy may be here. She stifled the anger that threatened to seep out as she felt her cell phone ring. She took it out and answered, "Hello."

The voice on the other end was a frightened woman's voice. Angela recognized it and tried to make sense of it. It was incoherent at times as she kept saying that somethign was after her. It was chasing her. Angela spoke, "Amy? AMY?"

There was just frightened whimpering and a scream. Angela stood up from her perch. She had to get back to the city. She had an idea of where to go but she would have to listen on the radio for any police incidents. She snapped her phone shut and put it back in her pocket and prepared to jump.

It was a long way down but that wasn't a problem as she landed sure footed as a cat. Standing up she walked to where her motorcycle was waiting and got on. She placed the microphone speaker on as she revved up and took off. Amy was in trouble and she was going to help.


The jungles of Colombia were beautiful at night and nighttime was a perfect time to practice her craft. Patience Manning, after a long day at work and packing to return back to the States, made time to practice the gift that her father and grandparents encouraged her to practice.

She sighed a bit remembering her mother and how angry she was after finding out that her daughter was practicing witchcraft. Her mother was a devout Christian and anything that wasn't preached in the Bible was considered the devil's work. Her father never criticised her mother for that and in fact liked it that she could stand by her choices. He often said said that she, Patience, was like her mother in that regard.

Patience looked around the living room, making sure that it was clear. She pulled out a rug that had the image of a pentacle star on it and laid it down. Since her home was in Los Angeles, she couldn't well paint the pentacle on the floor here. Too many questions would be asked. The rug was fine her father told her. As long as she could focus and was calm and collected, she would be able to practice her craft anywhere she was.

Arranged to her satisfaction she went to a trunk and pulled out a bowl and filled it with water. In the water she placed the crystals she used for scrying. It was one of the first things she did. She sat cross legged on the rug and muttered her spell to be allowed to scry.


"It's late professor."

Ray turned towards the student and gave a smile and replied, "Knowledge has no hours."

The student replied, "Just make sure you get the daily dose of eight," and walked away.

It was a personal joke between him and his student assistants since he was somewhat of a night owl when he was on the trail of something. He was conducting research on lore that involved magic and such. He was stuck on a point and looked for a book.

The library was a haven for Ray as well as a well used tool. He used it to his advantage every chance he could and it was a wonder if he ever slept at all. He found the stack of books that had yet to be put away and was sifting through them. One fell off and landed with a loud thump.

Ray stopped what he was doing to pick it up. The title was rather faded so he opened it to a random page. The heading on the page said, 'Law of the Ancients.' He had never heard of it before and turned the page to look.

The page had the picture of a demon, rather human like in appearance except for his face. Ray studied the picture hard and began to read.

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