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Originally Posted by Sidias.R View Post
Crystal: Red as Dark Side, and Blue as Light Side, along with the Ruusan power crystal, at all times - I don't really see any benefit from the other ones, such as Vexxtal.
Sigil is my favorite of the power crystals in the Xbox 360. It really adds tons of power to your Force Lightning. Once you have that and you have maxed out your talents in the Force and Force Lightning, you can destroy most enemies with Lightning before you Force meter is depleted which includes Imperial Walkers, Imperial Purge Troopers, Junk Titans, and Rancors. Only bosses don't, but if you do get an opening to fry a boss, you can deal a ton of damage really quickly giving you a huge edge, like General Kota, Kazdan Paratus, Shaak Ti, Maris Brood, and Proxy. Those black Shadow Guards are vulnerable when knocked to the ground and I'm telling once you use your lightning on them when they're in that position, you can take most of their life before they get up and block it again.

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