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Predators and Prey.

Simon idly wondered which one he was right now. The whole prospect was rather ridiculous, like a zebra prowling after a lion. Still, he was making good progress. Three night ago, a woman had been murdered. Police Reports suggested by the size and ferocity of the attack that it must have been a wild animal, although this far inside the city, it seemed unlikely. She'd had her carotid artery and jugular cut through and portions of her flesh on her neck had been devoured. The autopsy had revealed that the girl died of exsanguination. There was almost no blood left in her body, despite the relatively bloodless crime scene.

Not exactly a standard case, but it fit the mold. Either a Demon or a Vampire almost for certain.

He checked his equipment. Chain, pistol, stakes, knife, holy water, crucifix...he should probably start packing a pump-action shotgun, too.

Tracking hadn't been too difficult. Most Supernaturals were territorial, staking out a claim. It wasn't a guaranteed thing, but it was usually how it worked. The police did the rest of the work for him. They found a fingerprint in the alley and had matched to a George P. Simmons, living in the apartment building right next to the murder. Simmons had an alibi, claiming he was several miles from where the murder took place. Since Time of Death was proving difficult to pin down and he had witnesses vouching for him, Simmons was released. That was enough evidence for Simon to do a little investigation of his own.

Not for long, though. He mentally thanked his contact at the LAPD as he crawled upwards, finally bringing his hand up into the small balcony, letting go of the gutter, pulling himself up to the balcony.

He readied his pistol and lockpick, keeping his eyes and ears open for movement. Nothing. He slid in, and a few moments later, the lock clicked and the door slid open silently.

Simon crept inside, wondering what he was hoping to find. Most Vampires weren't stupid enough to sleep in coffins these days. Then again...

The unmistakable click of a pistol's hammer being drawn back caught his attention. "Hello."

He raised his hands, grimacing.

"Drop the gun, Hunter."

Well, that settled that. The Glock slid out of his hands, clattering to the floor. "Simmons. I'm surprised you know who I am."

"There's been a bit of a ruckus since you came to town, Valdemar. Going to be pretty great handing you in."

"Sure it will." Simon grimaced, wondering how he was going to get out of this one. One movement towards his weapons, and his head would get blown off.

"What else you got in there?" The Vampire started patting him down. Now was his chance. He pulled his arm back, sliding out of his jacket's sleeve. The jacket fell back, exposing the silver chain wrapped around him like a bandolier. The Vampire touched it, and a horrible sizzling noise came through, followed by the smell of burning meat. The Vampire fired on reflex, but his aim was off, just grazing Simon.


The Vampire stumbled back as Simon quickly unwound the chain and swung it, catching the Vampire around the throat and leaving a burn mark. A second strike knocked the gun out of the Vampire's hands. Simon rolled to the ground, snatching his own gun and raising it as the Vampire recovered. He shot out one of the Vampire's knees, dropping him again, then dropped the gun again and stepped around behind the crippled Vampire.

"Sorry to end you so early, Fledgling. Immortality isn't for the stupid." He readied the chain to finish the Vampire, only to have his leg get pulled down. The Vampire couldn't run and could barely walk, but it could still fight. Simmons reached into Simon's jacket and grabbed his knife, stabbing at Simon's face and chest. He caught the first thrust on the chain, dodged the second, and deflected the third with his arm, grimacing as he felt skin and muscle part under the razor-sharp blade. He also gripped Simmon's wrist as tightly as he could, and the Vampire, despite his superior strength, was out of time.

"Big mistake." His free hand whipped the chain around, bringing it behind the Vampire's neck. Simon wrapped his free arm around behind it, pulling the Vampire close as the holy chain sliced through him.

"Tell the Devil the Valdemars aren't dead yet." The Vampire screamed then, loud and long, breaking the night, only to stop abruptly as the chain sliced through his spine. Simon rolled out from under the dying Vampire as he tumbled into dust.

He paused for a moment to catch his breath. That had been way too close, especially from an obvious fledgling. Still, the Vampire was dead, and given his lack of wisdom concerning the girl, it wasn't unlikely he left some other clues in his apartment as well. Time to go snooping around.
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