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[TSL]Dialouge Dosent Trigger Telos

Alright Im having yet another problem this time for telos in TSL. I have arrived on Telos been arressted by the tsf and talked with the ithorians. Now Im trying to escort their droid to them.

When I enter the Dock I run up to the 3 People and automatic dialouge is suppose to happen then you fight some droids.(i belive.) The dialouge does not fire and I can Talk to the people but all they say is, Hello Sir, Please dont harm the droid and I am a Droid.....

Is there anyway I can skip telos or force the dialouge to start?

Mods to do with Telos: Dark Apprentice Holowan Consortium makes bastila appear.

After I couldnt talk to droid I tried This Mod but i couldnt get it to work.

Anyideas? Thanks

EDIT: Solved Thanks Everybody who helped(Star Admiral)

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