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Angela sped through the streets, avoiding the cops on duty and slowing down when she had to. She didn't need to slow down for she could see as if it were day. Loose tendrils of her hair flapped behind her as she sped towards where Amy lived. She pushed a button on her bike and dialed a phone number. She muttered to herself, "Come Amy pick up. Pick up."

It was a relief when the phone clicked to indicate it being picked up. She could hear Amy's scared breathing and noise in the background, as if something were crashing behind her. She said, "Amy where are you?"

"Angela. Help me! It's chasing me."

Angela calmy repeated, "Where are you at?"

There was a slight pause but there was noise going on in the background. Angela waited, her muscles tense. If her heart were beating it would be pounding in her chest. It took several seconds before, "Wilshire." Then the line went dead.

Angela sped up. She knew that Amy lived near Wilshire so she would have to go to the more likely places. She tuned in her headpiece to the police scanner to see what the traffic was. For the first time in a long time, she was afraid that she may be too late.


There was a girl running. She was being chased by a creature. It moved fast, too fast to be a man. The girl was frightened. Her eyes were crazed with terror. She was panting heavily from running.

She had her hand wrapped around a cell phone. She put it to her ear. She said a name.

Then the creature moved and pounced on her. It went for the throat and took a bite. The light shifted and she saw...

Patience opened her eyes and breathed heavily. She had never had an intense vision like that before. The creature, whatever it was, was hideous. The eye teeh were pointed, the eyes were red with fury. So much blood.

Patience closed her eyes and stilled her breathing. She remembered that the girl was calling for help. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on the name. The girl was scared but she said the name clearly. The name was Angela.

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