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I always seem to get the weird cases. Not that I mind, the job's never dull. Cobly thought to himself as he patrolled the streets of Los Angeles, making his nightly rounds in search of any sign of attacks from Vampires, Werewolves, or any other sort of supernatural being. He kept two magazines for his Walther P99 handly: one with silver bullets, for fighting werewolves, and the other with garlic soaked bullets, for fighting vampires, and since tonight wasn't a full moon, he loaded the garlic soaked bullets into his gun. Spotting a woman on a motorcycle going through the back roads, he thought it suspicious and decided to pursue. He quickly pulled out his pocket mirror and set it angle so he could see her through it and was quick to notice her lack of a reflection. Damn, she's a vamp. He thought. "Pull over! I know what you are." He called out to her.

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