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Osay shifted to a more comfortable position as Tawnos asked his question. That reminded her, she needed to talk to him later--privately. She jotted down another mental note about it and returned her attention to the lesson. Erussa had already talked to her about the whole 'emotion' thing last night, so she didn't have any questions, but maybe he'd say something to help consolidate the concept in her mind. It was kind of disconcerting; she would never admit it to Erussa, but she hadn't had real peace of mind for years. Maybe her emotions were her problem. Though no one could see it, she was always angry, not at others, but at herself. If she hadn't--

Osay flinched slightly and stopped that train of thought. Boy, Erussa was sure right about emotions taking away peace! Maybe it was the memories causing the emotions she needed to deal with. But how could she deal with something like that? She'd never told anyone what had happened; she'd never been close enough to someone. But one thing was for sure. She'd have to be pretty stinkin' close to somebody to tell them what had happened, and she had no desire to get that close to anyone! Huh, Lite or Celeb were the only ones who might understand, and she didn't particularly like either of them. Oh, whatever. She'd just have to get over it and move on.

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