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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Is it really that difficult to use NPC's in place of people online?
No, it's not difficult. However it is the content hosting that gets harder and harder.

You know I see a lot of judging going on. They haven't even shown gameplay footage. Do you know what races we can play as? What the missions will be like. What will the stories be like? How can people judge a game that they haven't seen at all? This may be the greatest game ever made. But people are judging it as if it's the worst. Granted it has just as much potential to be the worst. But as it sits now, nobody here has played it. Everything might well change once we get a few registered members here playing the game. There might also be a free trial a few years out(maybe even a year after release). Generally when you get an online game, you also get a month of subscription. So if you get the game you will be able to play.

I'm keeping an open mind about it. With luck it'll be a very good game. I intend as of now to be one of the first people playing. Most of my guild in Galaxies intend to play there as well. We'll see how I feel as more info comes out.
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