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Questions from experienced and tidy noob

I have played Outcast and Academy for some time. As I'm playing on laptop and I have gotten tired of having basically the same game I plan to get "rid" of the other game.

So far I'm thinking about leaving Academy on shelve. But I have a couple of things I'd like to have cleared out.

First: I love the Jedi Master mode in Outcast, beats Power Duel and Siege any day. Is there any way to have Jedi Master gametype in Academy?

Second: The charachter creator of Academy is a neat addition, but there are very few options I like. So can I download and use some Academy skin combinations for Outcast? If I can, where from?

And finally: I looked around for saber mods that give Outcast dual sabers. Apparently the dual blades are just cosmetic and I imagine there is no more concretical option available. Am I right?

Thanks. Any opinions of which game is better are welcomed too.
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