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"In the middle ages, I bet it was rare for someone not to beleive in God. If a secularist wanted to debate with a non-secularist, due to the circumstances of that time, he may have had to use the socratic method, and be dishonest, by saying he is religious."

I've another angle on this statement. Was a homeless kid and wound up in those religious hostels, so copped a lot of fundamentalism first hand.
I think the trick is that those described by others as definitely religious don't think so. There's no thought as to religion. God doesn't matter. You do what you do. It's the way you are. Grace is a matter of genuine respect. Charity is a driving need to express compassion or spend the next week balling your eyes out. Noticing the way strangers and small animals tell you what's going on or about to happen is just something you learn to notice. Following the given set of rules is a recognition that personal psychology is a result of your actions and it is simply better to have a healthy one. A big ghost with a long beard is a game we play for the kids at Christmas time. Mythology is the story of politics and what to look out for.

Strictly defined this is secularism, but it is not supposed to be described. Fundamentalism for example is the direct interpretation of religious texts. However this is conversational. In practise it would seem fundamentalism is to be a fan of religion, whilst actually believing what you're spouting means talking and thinking less and doing more, leaving the knowledge of such things to your wisdom and its growth.

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