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Originally Posted by ViperSkeele View Post
I still think, assuming TOR is successful, there will be a KOTOR3 Single Player game. I'm not losing hope. I think they picked 300 years later to give them a suitable window in which they can continue the KOTOR series and not interfere with the circumstances in TOR. Whaddaya think?
Of course until the world exists, there will always be SOME chance for a SP Kotor 3 being finally released. But it won't happen in at least 3 more years since neither BioWare, Obsidian or LucasArts is currently working on it. And nothing suggest that the production could begin anytime soon. Besides, a SP Kotor could be a competition for the MMO which is sth LucasArts doesn't want for sure.

Nonetheless, I would love to see what happened with Revan and the Exile. Even though we know that they did not succeded at stopping the True Sith from invading the Republic (though maybe they at least delayed the invasion?), having a chance to expierience their journey in the Unknown Regions would be priceless. The time gap between the TSL and TOR gives me a hope for a conclusion of the Revan plot.

The worst thing that could happen is if BioWare explained Revan's fate in 3 sentences spoken by some NPC in TOR. That would equal to a definitive end of a possibility of K3 being released. Unfortunately, it may happen. We know that HK, T3 and G0-T0 will appear in TOR. I doubt they would make them appear without any mention of the events from the past. I is possible that they made them appear precisely to explain what happened to Revan and the Exile and wrap all of the K1&2 loose-ends in a couple of lines. I hope I'm wrong.

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