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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
But with no/handful Jedi running around in that timeframe, how would that work for a MMO?
And that is my problem with the MMO's storyline. To me it screams "We weren't crafting a storyline. We were compiling an MMO and then tried to tailor some storyline to it". Seriously. It's like they thought that there just have to be tons of Jedi in the MMO or it won't be E_P-I_C. Of course Jedi need a worthy enemy. Yay! Let's throw thousands of Sith there! But where they came from? Hmmm..... Let's bring back the Naga Sadow Sith Empire. They are über evil = EPIC. Ohh and let's call them the Trrrrrrrue Sith. Screw Obsidian's plans to make the True Sith some different faction. Ohh, and let's rip The Original Trilogy once again by throwing some Emperor there, as if Kotor 1 wasn't enough of The Original Trilogy remake. Doesn't matter. Emperor sounds evil and EPIC. EPIC Star Wars experience. But what we're gonna do with Revan? Oh, well, he never returned from the Unknown Regions. Case closed. HAHAHA!

Yes, I'm taking it too far. But the plot for the MMO sounds really cheap and just too generic IMO. Everyone could came up with sth like this. "Hey! LucasArts here! Make me a Star Wars MMO!" - "Sure! It's gonna be a battle between The Republic and The Sith! Clever ha?". BTW BioWare already kinda used this "Cold War" (between the Republic and the Sith Empire) theme in Kotor 1 (Maanam providing kolto for both factions, recruits applying into the Jedi Academy on Dantooine or Sith Academy on Korriban etc).

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