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Screw Obsidian's plans to make the True Sith some different faction.
What plans?

let's rip The Original Trilogy once again by throwing some Emperor there, as if Kotor 1 wasn't enough of The Original Trilogy remake.
So you're saying that it's a ripoff of the OT just because there's a guy whose title is "Emperor"? That's preposterous.

News-flash: the word "emperor" has existed for thousands of years, so by your logic, the fact that Palpatine's title was "Emperor" is unoriginal, too.

BioWare already kinda used this "Cold War" (between the Republic and the Sith Empire) theme in Kotor 1 (Maanam providing kolto for both factions, recruits applying into the Jedi Academy on Dantooine or Sith Academy on Korriban etc).
Yeah, they did use it already, on one planet out of millions in the galaxy.

Are you guys sure you're star wars fans?
Logic: If you don't like everything in Star Wars, you cannot be a fan. Read one of the Karen Traviss books, or the Dark Empire series, or the LOTF series, and you may change your mind.

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