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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
TiE, you are experiencing in retail what is known as "rock the boat". True, they can not make you stay, however, if you put up with this bull****, you will ascend to be among the elite of employees. Right now they are trying to separate the long term employees from those that are going to quit. I have gone through the same thing recently with many jobs. What the managers are doing is trying to see who is going to go, and who will stay. If you just deal with it, you will have gained the trust of your superiors if you have not already. All they want to know is who will go and who will stay. It's temporary, and I am blowing a management secret by telling you this, but your one of our regulars and you deserve to know. My advice is just put up with it for the time being, and a raise may or may not come in the near future. If you are working more hours, they value you big time, if your hours are being cut, they are hoping you will quit on your own merit. Just hang in there mang. Bad economy = usual tests. I think they like you. So just hold out for the BS, and it will subside.
That all sounds groovy but I'm not in this place for the "long term". You know that first job you get when you're sixteen? Well, I'm one step above that. And the next step up the ladder is something that I do not want to do- it's harder, annoying, and no pay raise. I can see how weeding out the crappy ones will be very relevant with smaller retail stores like Gamestop. But in a larger place like mine, it doesn't really matter. In a place where you have to work full time for like 15 years before even being considered for a really important position it's just all crap. I'm having to work with dumb 16 and 17 yearolds who work there for a few months and leave. I'm one of the most senior guys in my position... and with the high unemployment, we sure have a lot of open positions... at least I hope so. I have no idea if they're actually looking for more.

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