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Any better way to compress?

I have a several GB flash drive that I keep all sorts of programs, files, passwords, notes, and even a portable firefox browser with all the bells and whistels.

And due to space constraints some things I've had to pack away in .7z files. But sometimes it gets full enough to where I have to make a choice of what I want on it. And the fact you can't defrag it if its go less than 15 percent of space. Do you know of a better compression method for files and such? Yes I do also use CD-RWs. I actually have a whole tube of them. But I'm looking for a better way of compressing stuff on my flash drive and saving space.

I do work mostly from the flash drive since after all hard drives have never advanced from what they currently are. They've really other tahan size, there design really hasn't changed. And you never know when a drive will fail. So it's always safe anyway to have a backup system, notes in case, links to stuf yo need, programs already to install,etc. That is why I work mostly from the flash drive.

Got any ideas? Thanks.

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