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Erussa bowed his head. "But that is enough for today. Go now, reflect on what I have told you, and we will continue your training tomorrow." He bowed once again, and the stone door slid open. They rose from their seats and left in single file.


Tawnos stepped out of the shower in his quarters, making a point to avoid eye contact with his reflection as he wrapped a towel around his waist. His mind was brooding on the lesson Erussa had given them that day, and on the one question he had that Erussa had not, for whatever reason, answered. He certainly wasn't planning on entering any kind of romantic relationship in the forseeable future, and he seriously doubted he ever would - not considering how mistrustful he was, particularly of the opposite gender. But the idea of being categorically denied the opportunity didn't sit well with him.

He pondered for a moment on what the old man had told them of the Sith teachings. From his own studies and what Erussa had told them that day, he gathered that what eventually led a follower of the Dark Side astray was their submission to their own passions - the devotion of every bit of emotional energy to the satisfaction of their lust for power. If one used their emotions to fuel their command of the Force, but kept good intentions at heart, wouldn't they be able to remain in control? So long as one wasn't concerned with power alone, perhaps channeling emotion to fuel the Force was in fact a more natural way of commanding their ability than that preached by Erussa - and ultimately, a healthier way of dealing with one's emotions.

He thought more on this as he re-dressed, tossing his shirt into the refresher and donning just his undershirt, intending to try get some sleep. He tossed the used towel into the refresher as well, and fell onto the bed, his eyes closed but his mind still spinning restlessly.

What could one do to put to rest emotions that they had no control over? He certainly couldn't help but feel protective of his sister, despite their strained relationship, nor could he deny the powerful hold that Osay seemed to have over him; he rarely trusted women at all at the best of times, and upon meeting her for the first time he seemed to react to her as he did to all females. But the more time he spent in her presence, the more he felt drawn towards her, in much the same way Gherion had described himself being drawn to all five of them. Then there was Gherion himself, who Tawnos already felt he had known his entire life, despite having met him merely a matter of days ago.

He was brought out of his reverie by the sound of someone calling at the door. He groaned hismelf into a fully conscious state, sat up, and habitually ruffled his hair. "Come in," he shouted.

Osay opened the door and stepped inside, her hands clasped behind her back. She immediately noticed that he was sitting in bed. "I'm sorry, I didn't realise you were asleep. I'll come back another time." She turned to leave.

"No, no, it's fine," he said, moving to the edge of the bed and indicating the chair at the desk. "Have a seat, if you'd like," he said. "What's up?"

Osay walked in a little farther and replied, "I just wanted to clarify something. What I said a couple nights ago when I got knocked out--I can't believe I even said that."

He shifted uncomfortably for a moment. "Yeah, uhm... I've been wondering about that. What exactly, uh... what exactly did you mean when you asked me to..."

Osay interrupted, "I was in far more pain than I'm used to. I didn't mean to say 'Don't leave me'. It was merely a reflex, and I sincerely wish I could take it back."

Tawnos nodded slowly, staring pointedly at a spot on the floor. "Well, if it's any consolation, I sinverely wish I could take back hearing it..." he said with a small grin.

Osay smiled. "Perhaps we could forget about it?"

He cast her a sidelong look for a moment. "That'd be great," he said, also forcing a smile - though provately, he really wasn't sure if he was going to be able to forget it. Aloud and still smiling, he said, "Yeah, let's just pretend it didn't happen."

Osay took a step back. "Thanks for understanding. I was really afraid that came across in the wrong way." She gave a slight laugh as she added, "Erussa seemed to think so. Again, sorry for bothering you. Guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah," he said, standing and following her a few steps towards the door. "Have a good night."
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