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Originally Posted by TiE23 View Post
That all sounds groovy but I'm not in this place for the "long term". You know that first job you get when you're sixteen? Well, I'm one step above that. And the next step up the ladder is something that I do not want to do- it's harder, annoying, and no pay raise. I can see how weeding out the crappy ones will be very relevant with smaller retail stores like Gamestop. But in a larger place like mine, it doesn't really matter. In a place where you have to work full time for like 15 years before even being considered for a really important position it's just all crap. I'm having to work with dumb 16 and 17 yearolds who work there for a few months and leave. I'm one of the most senior guys in my position... and with the high unemployment, we sure have a lot of open positions... at least I hope so. I have no idea if they're actually looking for more.

I guess I need to remind you that I HAVE worked for other businesses other than GameStop. Also, the bigger the business, the more boat rocking you will endure, trust me. Being a boss is universal no matter what operation you are in. Nobody is making you stay, I just thought you might want to know WHY you are going through this.
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