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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
I guess I need to remind you that I HAVE worked for other businesses other than GameStop. Also, the bigger the business, the more boat rocking you will endure, trust me. Being a boss is universal no matter what operation you are in. Nobody is making you stay, I just thought you might want to know WHY you are going through this.
Don't worry, I've been getting plenty of advice from my dad the last couple days. He used to manage restaurants from like 85' to 94'. Then he went into tech and blah blah. So he knows a lot about this. "I had to know which employees wanted to work as many hours as possible because they needed the money. I also knew which guys didn't need the money and didn't need the hours." :V

I reiterated my schedule availability last night. Luckily the one assistant manager that I knew before he became "big" was there and I was able to talk with him about it. I just gotta make sure I know the new manager understands that I want these changes because he warned me that the new manager may just ignore my requests and act like she never saw them. So it'll be a lot of fun telling Ms. Hard-ass that I want her to actually look at my note.

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