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Angela looked at Colby with a bland amusement. Actually most vampires did know that garlic was ineffective but she wasn't going to tell him that. Better to keep up pretenses until the whole truth needed to be known.

She had met Colby on a case that she had taken that involved a murder. Mysterious circumstances and she knew it was not a typical murder. Unfortunately Colby got involved and she couldn't avoid not showing him. What was he to expect after the bullet he shot Lenny with ended up going through and hitting her. Angela couldn't forget the stunned look on his or Lenny's face and she couldn't forget how it bloody hurt afterwards.

She kept herself straddled over the bike and replied, "Always know when I'm up to something Colby. This time you should follow my advice and stay out of it." She revved up her bike and turned back on course to where she needed to patrol for Amy.

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