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My co-op buddy and I went to pick up Gears 2 tonight... but the line at the game store was ridiculous... so we skipped it for now.

Maybe tomorrow.

I came to the conclusion today that when she calls back that I'm just going for it... try to figure out a time and place we can meet up face to face. She seems really into me (for some unknown, inexplicable reason... but I'm not complaining!) so I would be a total idiot to not run with it while I have the chance.

If it doesn't pan out and things don't seem to click between us once we meet, then I still haven't lost anything... I'll just be in the same spot I was a week ago.

But if it does pan out...

Well... jus' sayin': Somebody here better be prepared to take up the slack in this thread in my absence,.. 'cuz my plan is to be posting a lot less in the future.

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