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Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
I was thinking this too - if it was implemented in the same way as it was in KotOR, I could see it being popular, especially head-to-head or tournaments against other players. If it were implemented as head to head, a unique swoop would seem to be necessary.

While I have no skill at swoop racing whatsoever, it would be good for a laugh. And yes, it should be the KotOR version - not TSL.

I'd like to see Pazaak as well. While they are (obviously) not related to a major quest, they are undeniably part of the KotOR universe worth implementing.
Now, being an SWG alum (sort of, I still play, but not like I used to when the game was HOT), they had swoop racing in that game where there was a droid that would give you several waypoints and you had to beat a certain time in order to pass. (The Legacy Quest) And, they also had a badge for the person with the best time of the day around the Boonta Eve Race Track from Episode I, but I could never get it because someone would always place an unbeatable time. But, the downside to that kind was A) The fastest vehicle in the game is either the Barc speederbike or the Jet pack, both of which are rare items. B) You raced alone unless your guild put on an event. I had the privileged of attending such a party. and, C) The legacy quest is almost impossible with the speederbike they give you. I had to resort to my AT-RT to beat it.

Now, the racing in both KoTOR games was fun, but I could never beat it. I had to resort to using the EZ Swoop racing mods. I never knew there was a sidequest on Tatooine that required you to get first prize until I used that mod.

And, pazaak was implemented because BioWare lacked the funds at the time to pay for the rights to sabaac which is the poker game in the Expanded Universe. Now, I wish they would add both to give you a choice like Pirates of the Caribbean Online gives you a choice between Blackjack, from which pazaak is based, or Tortuga (Texas) Hold 'Em poker (Sabaac)

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