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- Traces of Sanity -

Come here, my love, my sweet.
Come here to taste this bitter cool.
Sing a line of sweet melody to me,
and I will tell you of the fool....

Such a dark night,
whereas the clouds could not be seen.
My eyes, oh, were they out of sight,
out of mind: to where have I been?

Fire, and the trees.
Great black arches overcome thee.
Lest thy sense of the inner soul,
condemn me down this deep and winding hole.

Taste my hate,
forgive my lust.
Do what you will to me, do what you must.

It is my fate,
to wait till dusk,
and wait to do what you would ask.

A line to destiny, the fates do weave for me.
Can it be? Will it ever be?
Only time will tell.


- Dream Pedigree -

I've been sitting here,
thinking about nothing.
Setting my sights on my dreams,
Can I do everything?

I've been staring out the window,
wishing you were here.
I don't know where to go,
My hope turned into fear.

Sucking my addiction,
into a void of cliche despair.
Trying to heal my infliction,
wandering the stars without a care.

Save a prayer for me,
No doubt I'm going to need it.
Finding salvation in my own thoughts,
It's what I am, it's who I want to be.

For years I've wished and screamed.
But I always thought it would not be.
Until one day, when I was staring out the same window.
I realized. You never left.
You were always here with me.

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