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I'll see what I can do.

Thing is, I'm going to try to be myself as much as possible and up front about everything in my life. I figure: if she's really interested in the guy who made that Myspace page, it won't do me any favors to show up and be Mr. Macho Jock Stud-Muffin-Wannabe Douchebag guy.

And if that strategy backfires on me, then we never would have gotten along anyways.

It's Mr. Shy Goofball Guitar Nerd guy, or nothing.

But in terms of being careful, and not walking into some kind of a trap: EVERYBODY I know (now including my mom...) is aware of what's going on, who I'm dealing with, what the situation is, and where I'm going tomorrow... so there will be a trail.

But I don't think that's it... I think she's just an outgoing, go-getter of a girl who is as lonely as I am at the moment.

She knows what she wants; she isn't afraid to go after it; and, fotunately for me... what she wants at the moment just happens to appear to be edlib.

And, at the risk of jinxing it... here is who we are talking about:

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