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yeah dont be like me and overdo it though...people take me too seriously when i am sarcastic, gets me in trouble. but then your sarcasm is probably different than mine...i joke around when i shouldn't. =\

i'm playing Oblivion. Dark Brotherhood quest is brilliant....

Anybody get Fable 2 yet? I'm trying to decide if my next purchase should be that or Lost Odyssey.....I'll probably go with Fable 2 though, as i've been waiting for that since they announced it.

I got a funny email from that personals sight...the person linked me to the thing, basically a place where people hook up for sex or whatever....anyways i check it out, then respond to the person... i'll paste the email...

Re: RE: whats up‏
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Sent: Tue 11/11/08 2:49 AM
To: nobody gets this email
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Hi Saurat,

Nice to hear from you again.
Although as I mentioned earlier I would only be comfortable starting a conversation at My ScreenName is "mixmeupbaby".
I am sure you are a decent guy, and I would love to meet you too.

Will be online tonight. Catch you then. Bye Babe

are you serious

> To: nobody gets this email addy lol
> From:
> Subject: Re: whats up
> Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 23:13:25 -0500
> Hi Saurat,
> Nice to hear from you.
> Have my Pics at Search for ScreenName "mixmeupbaby".
> We can chat here.... I dont do any other sites, so please dont even ask.
> Also I would love to see your pics. So please upload some of yours and be real.
> Lets meet up and have some fun
> Jennifer
> -----------------------------------------------------
> ** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
> ** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
> ** More Info:
> hey i saw your ad on craigslist whats up want to chat sometime?

that's a little creepy. i'm wondering if it's spam or not. or how to find out if it is...

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