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((I can take over the demon hunter Alkonium unless you'd like him. Corinthian got banned and someone needs to take his role))

Angela didn't need to look behind her to know that Colby was following her in his car. He always told her he'd be out of a job if he listened to her. In truth if he had listened, he wouldn't know about her and wouldn't look at her as she were going to spring at him and take a bite. Plus she thought Colby didn't need getting involved with something like this. In the beginning she made sure he had a physical man for his crimes now it was a matter of fibbing on crime reports.

Angela sped on until she made a sudden series of turns to lose Colby. She then went to where Amy walked going to and from work. She stopped and hid her bike and began to walk down the alley. She walked sniffing the air, trying to find anything that spoke of human.

Blood was like chocolate for a woman and Angela was no exception when she smelled it. She could tell it was human and followed it. Around a set of dumpsters she found Amy, what was left of her, as she was trying to push the figure off her. One whiff told Angela it wasn't a vampire. Taking a deep breath, she pretended to stumble like a junkie, "Hey man I need some money. How bout one with me?"

The figure looked at her with a murderous gleam. Angela could make out demon but it wasn't any that she had seen before. She said, "You might want to do something with your breath," her eyes then turned demon red, "before you lose your teeth." She then gave a punch and the fight was on.


Patience knew she was going to be tired the whole way. That's why they call em red eyes. She couldn't get the image out of her head of that poor girl. She must find the person named Angela. Perhaps she was a friend of the girl in her vision.Too tired to think, Patience closed her eyes to sleep. Only it wasn't sleep. It was a dream.

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