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Originally Posted by DarthJacen View Post
Yeah, Darth Vader's torture droid! I like your potential backstory for these. Great logic.
Actually I used real military to civilian conversion as my basis. On the boat we had computers, the AN/UYK-7. They were made by IBM. You could shoot them with a 45 and they would still function normally. Or the GPS system that now sits inside small cars.

I just scaled them down, made them lighter, removed armor, and because they were lighter, they don't need as much in the way of heavy duty mechanicals. It makes far more sense than a droid that looks almost identical to a later droid, only far more advanced, that is being used in "military" applications. Going from a heavy duty combat role to an almost comedic civilian role makes sense.

Basically civilian adapted former military grade hardware. Though I must admit it's harder to fathom the 3000 year time difference not advancing them very much. Though I can kind of justify it as technology reaching plateaus. Or even seeing limitations based on wiring(there is only so much data a wire can handle before it pops). Possibly there was another type of "Dark Ages" where tech was feared. I'm kind of thinking of something like Asimov's I, Robot situations happened. Sentient/self aware robots attempt a coup. Afterwards cybernetic advancement is towards dumbing down of robots(for those of you that played Mass Effect, think Geth which was not so loosely based on asimov's idea).
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