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was actually talking about my country, not yours.
Then please next time be more clear. If you were invaded the US if your an ally would most likely come to your aid. What country are you from?

No, I can't, but i'm not American, so I wouldn't presume to speak for another countries citizens.
Good. Then please do not say stuff like I don't speak for all Americans. I know that. However, I do speak for conservatives, and Americans with core American beliefs that are of the patriotic type who value principals above policy. I say that because both Republicans and Democrates have become parties that do not represent your typical liberal and conservative. Democrates have become more socialistic. And the Republicans have become the blue dog democrates of the 1950's in their views. In short both parties have leaned left.

Maybe the fact that America is pointing a missile shield at Russia isn't helping Russian sentiments.
Again that is due to the fact they have proven to be untrustworthy and evil. They would love to nuke us if we had none. They are up to no good when it comes to Georgia with the recent invasion and claming of Georgian soverign land as part of their own. They've also claimed an oil pipeline as their own. This is an important pipeline they can choke off and deny us and others of oil. More the reason why we should be drilling for oil and harvesting coal here at home. But Obama won't do that. Also, Russia has no one else to blame for the missiles and our distrust of them but themselves. The world doesn't like them too much. The evidence of this is the recent pulling them out of the world market. They'e isolated themselves in this manner.

So with all of this now is not even the time to weaken the missile shield. With their unpredictability it is necessary to have a defense against them. To let them know you will not conquest to the point you harm the west directly. Also Russia has nukes and it is good to have a defense in cases they were to be bold enough to fire them. And they won't as long as we have this defense because they knwo we'd kill them and they'd kill us at the same time if they got through the shield. Otherwise they'd be the only one who'd not exist.

I already have 'teh evil, communistic UHC' and I quite like it.
Well apparently many Canadians don't. That's why many of them come down to America to recieve carre because they know they'll get it quicker than Canada's UHC. As an individual with PHC I'm satisfied with the PHC system of the US. Have you ever experienced PHC? When and where?

[QUOTE]I'm not calling anyone a liar, unlike you once did to me in a discussion over Universal Healthcare. I'm telling you that we've already discussed healthcare, and there's no need to discuss it here.[/QUOTE[

I didn't bring up socialism. But I did expand upon the thought when I responded to it. Topics can branch off. Brining up the past is gunny sacking. It was not my intent to cal you a liar. I simply was saying that by the fact you said something that was controdictory to from what I know of UHC based on my friends and read that it just seems like you were making controdictions to the facts. Never called you a liar. If I did I apologize. And my friends you were saying this is the same with UHC or something. Well hey I'm simply telling you what they said and I believe they are accurate in their description of Candadian UHHC since they live there.

I believe your originally posted video is valid. I believe someone placed a misrepresentative title on it. A title that has nothing to do with the content of the video: Obama - Unilaterally Disarm America is a complete and utter fallacy, but some seem to buy into it without really listening to what the President-Elect actually said.
Actually if you do a search on youtube with the critera "Obama to disarm America" you'll find this vid along with others of it, but with different titles. So the actual audio is what is important. These are his words, voice, and comon sense can tell you all of this is disarmment of nukes planning, ICMBs, and other systems designed to protect us from missiles and nukes. Con sense would tell you Obama is disarming these defenses also the words do that too. So a title of one vid matters little when the content is what really matters. Nice try. Well not really.

Wait, I must have been in a coma. When did we discover the hiding place of Saddam’s WMDs?
The WMD arguemtn was due to intel not just by us, but by other countries collaborating with us. Also inteligence agencies of us. If it was a failure of them it was of Clinton since he cut funding and such to our intel organizations along with the military becaus he din't like the military. And the WMD arguemtn was to get the UN to act because alone the fact that Saddam broke the cease fire agrement by kciking inspectors out the UN didnt want to support action against them on. So to get them to act we had to convince them it was appropriate to act. So in reality it doesn't matter if he had WMDs or not. He broke the agreement when he kicked inspectors out. War couldn've been avoided had he let them back in. But we did all short of war as a last resort. We warned 14 resolutions are essentually warnings. Sacntions are restrictions. And the only thing left was war. The UN didn't want to act due to they'd lose out on their Food for Oil deal where the food wasn't getting to Saddam's people any. It was going to feed Saddam's military while his people starved. The U.N. is to be a humanitarian organization. They obvously were not here. They chose to make a profit off getting oil from Saddam and lining their pockets at the expense of Saddma's starving people. They should've stoped their deal with him if they had any morality in this case.

And us invading would mean they would no lnger get oil from Saddam. So people want to say we did it for oil is untrue. Infact it was the U.N. that was getting oil. And still even today we are getting no oil from Iraq. The oil is theirs.

You can keep Lieberman and we will keep Former Secretary of State, General Colin Luther Powell.
The former secrety of state didn't really mesh with the Bush administration and so since he was replaced he felt vengful and joined Obama out of vengence. So you keep him because he does mesh well with the Obama adgenda. Besides he has all the talking points down. He's an Obama talking head alright.

As to the breakdown in the Senate - you do know there was an election recently. It is no longer a 49-49 breakdown. The Democrats now have a 55 to 40 seat margin with 3 still too close to call. Lieberman is still important, but not as important as he was been for the past two years.
It almost sounds like your saying the statement of I do know there is an election that happened like your sayng I'm stupid or not hearing current events. I assure you I'm very informed as you can see by my commentaries against the lot of you uninformed.

I consider value of congressmen based on past accomplishments, current accomplishments, character, ethics, princapls, and future plans. We don't know his future value Leiberman he will have. You seem to look at him as how much is he worth to the adgenda of the dems. I see that he should join the reps simply because they will treat him better and not get back at him like the th dems are for him supporting McCain. So it seems to me the dems are throwing Leibermen under the bus. So I say he should go to a party that would see him of value and value him as a person better and treat him with better respect thn the dems that are showing lack of character and ethics.

And it is the President of the United States job to do everything in his/her power to only put soldiers in harm’s way as a last resort. They are our last line of defense not our first option. Having them march around the desert in a giant Easter egg hunt for WMDs was just stupid.
Again the first lne to look for WMDs was the U.N. inspectors, but Saddam wouldn't allow this. As I've explained we went through every single thing before we did the last resort of war. We warned, sanctionsed, and then war was the last resort. You can't get the first line U.N. inspectors to look for WMDs if they've been kicked out. So Soldiers have to come into do that as well as secure the country, rebuild, and do all to make the country self seficient for their citizens to control and defend. And we are soon to victory.

But you sure buy into the 1940s to early 1960s Hollywood stereotype that Americans are the ones in the big white hats ridding in to save the day.
That's becaus they still are. Hollywood use to be less anit American back then. And I wouldn't say white hats. I'd say helmets, some white hats(medical aid), and caps (regular citizens giving to carity and donating to others freely).

Did you watch the video you originally posted? Obama never said anything about unilaterally disarming America. That was merely the title someone that dislikes Obama made up. Obama said he would not spend money on military contracts that don’t work, he would cut unnecessary wasteful spending and he would talk to Russia about getting us off hair trigger. That does not mean he will remove the trigger altogether.
It means disarming America as in making us vulnerable to surface to surface missile attacks, nuke attacks, and cutting such spending that makes us more vulnerable on a national scale. Comon sense would tell you what it means. Words mean less than true meaning of what it means. Comon sene seems to be very much less in this world. Well it is there, but not used by many due to they wish to listen to anti war, far left, socialistic, anti American info.

[QUOTE]But that is not what the audio/video said. See above. [/QIUOTE]

I kow the video didn't say I came here for that reason. lol. Again look at my before this quote response. Heck man after my recent sist removal and cartilege removal I'm on tylonal with Codene and I can still easily rebut you all. lol. yes its a narcotic and I can still do this easily. lol.

The only poll that matters.
Your point please. As I said we both have minds made up and are closed minded. What was your point to your link. Some espn poll. Tell the half blind man what that was about.

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