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holy crap! go ed! lol wish my luck would go that well...i shot myself in the foot w/that week vacation i took...wasn't aware i only had 24 hours available. paycheck this week is ****ty. i'll survive though. probably gonna go out tomorrow or friday night. i want to buy Fable 2, but i think i'll wait til i get oblivion out of my system.

I realized i got a spending-money-while-at-work i'm gonna cut that out.

I gotta make some kind of budget and gotta focus on spending less...already stopped spending $$$ on my 15 minute breaks. gotta get used to the caffeine withdrawal. i easily spent $20 a week on 15 minute breaks in the past, so i'm gonna cut that out, that gives me $40 to work with, if i stop eating lunch at my 1 hour lunch breaks, i could probably save $60-$70 a paycheck (this including the 15 minute break spending). if i can learn to live on 2 meals a day (one before work, one when i get home from work), this will do me good.

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