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Originally Posted by DarthJacen View Post
3,600 years is a long time, but the Pit Droids are simple machines, though, so it's not impossible. Maybe the manufacturer went bankrupt. And, yes, you're right about military technology being reformatted for civilian use. I know, some of us like sardines and SPAM, which used to be military rations in World War II.

And, about your "Dark Ages" I Robot analogy, The Clone Wars was a time when the Galaxy witnessed the end of combat droids being legal. After that war, The Empire banned the use of combat droids and relied solely on clones (not all of Jango) and volunteer/ conscript recruits. The galaxy would never again use combat droids on such a scale, or at least until the Clone Wars veterans retired.
hehe Bioware needs to hire me for the "'splainin' stuff" position. I seem to be able to justify lots of things.

Watch, for my next trick I'll explain oversized hilts....

Earlier models of sabers had stability problems. They would tend to fail while the user was operating them. This was primarily atributed to the Czerka based designs for power units which varied their output quite a bit. Most jedi were able to overcome this flaw, but the hilts would wear out after enough use and eventually either fizzle out at the wrong time, or explode upon activation. Needless to say many Jedi were unhappy with the performance of the Czerka based design. An adventurous Jedi discovered a way to create a more stable power unit that did not have the same flaws, however it generated a bit more heat than the original design and had to have more shielding.

This power unit is the base for later lightsaber power units, however the output has been increased and the size considerably reduced.

Wait... maybe you would be glad I didn't work for them....
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