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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
This will be my last post on this topic. Guys I didn't make this topic for liberals, and other nationalities to post on. I made it to ask conservatives what they thought as to why Obama won't do it, or how we can prevent him from taking away the nukes.
Then one would suggest making a tpoic on a forum dedicated to Conservative American politics, as opposed to an international gaming forum.

I didn't ask for the rest of yours opinions. You seem to think I care or wanted your all's opinions. I know that talking to liberals and nationalities is like shooting a dead horse. They have their biased, left leaning sources and such. I'm not here for you.
The fact you posted here says you wanted opinions. But you clearly only want opinions that agree with your own.

And yawn. I could contineu to rebut your posts and cointinue to educate yo guys, but I'll just end by saying this topic was not meant for you and was meant only for conservatives and their voice I was wishing to har on the matter. It seems to me you giuys think everything is a debate thread.
You don't wish for discussion and debate in a debate and discussion forum?
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