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Originally Posted by GwannaSauna View Post
Unless they're changed, I wish there was a way to mod MMO's... those things are ugly and don't look menacing at all
There is! This webside, ModSource, is dedicated to making client side mods for Star Wars Galaxies. You are the only one who can see the mod, though. So, don't go bragging about it to your friends because they'll think you're chewing spice.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Actually there are ways to change the visual stylings in small ways. People have done it in Galaxies. There might even be a way to mod the LS size. Of course they will be shrinking them down. That is far better than my justification for the Huge Honkin Pringles of Death.
Maybe you can mod the blades themselves to look more like ROTS blades. I saw their eight pointed off-color blades. I want movie sabers BioWare!

Anyway, back on topic, modding droids has been done in SWG. I used to have the SWG Enhancements mod, before I lost it, that would change the protocol droid ticket collectors into HK-77 droids.

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