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run chkdsk and see if there's any bad sectors on your hd
i ran chkdsk (start>run>chkdsk) and it scanned, found nothing and disappeared.

i tried chkdsk C: /r and this happens:

so i restart, it tries to scan, and says "volume in use by another process", and doesnt scan, and continues with the startup.
chkdsk /f:

this time when it restarts, it does nothing about it. weird.
in any event > try this > find the application files as you listed in your first post. When you right click regedit and cmd > under properties are they listed as .exe application files or .com files ?? They should be .exe files as in this example below
both are apps:

also, from the run prompt, can you also start the taskmanager?
yeah it runs.

im pretty sure there must be a virus/trojan on my comp, but since i dont have a modem, i ran a scan on an ancient and ridiculously outdated avg, and it yielded no results. :/

mfw I read the Revan novel

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